For sell

You want to know the value of your property, contact us for a free estimate!

Our strengths:

  • Know-how

For 20 years, we have been at your side to allow you to carry out well your real estate projects. 

  • Proximity

We work on the market; of “ proximity » to provide you with the best service and above all the best knowledge of the particularities of each district: our agencies only operate within a radius of 15 km around the agency.

  • Mobilization

From the start of the marketing, the mobilization is total in order to make our common project succeed in the best of your interests.

The networking of our various agencies multiplies the opportunities for buying and selling.

  • A sense of service, our strong point

The quality of our welcome, our ability to listening and understanding the issues related to the project, the relevance of our advice, the effectiveness of our teams of negotiators. So many qualities that constitute the strength of our group.

  • Adaptability

We offer you different forms of mandates.

We choose together the formula most suited to your needs. the marketing of your property.

The EXCLUSIVE mandate is the most effective formula, the one allowing the fastest realization of the sale of your property while preserving your interests as much as possible.

The exclusivity allows in particular:

  • The designation of a single point of contact within the agency,
  • Preliminary targeting of our large file of potential buyers,
  • The implementation of the most impactful means of marketing (cover page of press releases, group websites and partner sites),
  • The highlighting of the property in the window of our agency in the heart of the city center,
  • The retrocession of the amount of the diagnosis invoice on the day of the signature of the authentic act
  • The possible setting up of a FOR SALE panel, generating qualified calls.